The Video Genome Project® (The VGP) discovers, ingests, refines and understands the component data and metadata elements of film, television, and online video records. The Video Genome Project's technology then assigns hundreds of contextual attributes to these video records on a granular level, to develop a clear and comprehensive picture of each piece of video content, from the inside out.


Information about video content is everywhere. We aggregate and consolidate this information in search of each unique attribute of a piece of content. With over 8+ million records (and growing each day), our database can do more because it has access to more raw data.


Understanding DNA-level descriptive elements lets us identify content from the inside out. We go far beyond just genre, actor, or director. We can separate generic sci-fi titles into alien or zombie and slice romantic content by love triangle or the classic "other side of the tracks".


We create proprietary metadata "lenses" to help better analyze the relationships between titles and content. Whether it is a car-guy movie or a lazy Sunday afternoon TV show, we have turned the facts about content into unique and usable information to be put into the hands of users.

The Video Genome Project® is a new breed of database.  By deeply appreciating and then leveraging the natural tendencies of open digital ecosystems, we have connected otherwise disparate datasets surrounding video content.  This allows us to tap into something more meaningful than any one or a even a set of data:
the power of Collective Human Intelligence.

 Curation Tools

With search and recommendations built on top of our deep foundation of content metadata, curation and personalization efforts yield much better results. Rather than simply presenting content based on top-level elements (genre, actor, director), we give users the ability to interact based on hundreds of elements within The VGP. By combining what users want with our rich data, video content consumption becomes much less frustrating and time-consuming.



OTT Linear and VOD Services

Online MCNs

Studios and Library Owners

 Analytical Lens

SDI provides analytical lenses layered on top of the The Video Genome Project® to help business owners glean actionable insights relevant to their needs. By quantifying and normalizing data around content (mood, theme, action level, scheduling) and matching it with a business' additional data sets, we can help inform future decisions that save time and money while still protecting and supporting the creative process. Need to compare X to Y to Z? There's a lens for that.




Development Executives


Whether you're an individual app developer or the largest OTT provider, SDI has (or can custom develop) an API that provides The VGP data, in the right way, for your application. Our technology can import user information and behavior to return custom recommendations and search results. We can even help manage or augment an existing catalog's data and provide plug-and-play algorithms to seamlessly suit both the needs of your business and your users.



Third Parties